Community Programs


Want to do something nice for a local law enforcement officer?

CommunityBlueMeals is a community-funded program started by the LCPAAA that provides free restaurant meals to officers.

How does it work?  Individuals make donations through the CommunityBlueMeals website.  The LCPAAA then partners with a local Lakeway-area restaurant to provide free meals for a one-week period to any law enforcement officer that walks through their door.

CommunityBlueMeals is an easy and simple way to show support for our local officers.  One-time and reoccuring donations are apprecated to keep to this program going!  For more information and to make a donation, please click HERE.

SafetyCode Program

The Lakeway Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, along with the Lakeway Police Department and the Lake Travis Fire Rescue, are happy to sponsor the SafetyCode program for Lakeway-area residents.

SafetyCode is a voluntary program that allows Lakeway-area residents to provide access codes to their homes via a lockbox that emergency response personnel may use in the event they need to enter residential property when responding to an emergency call.  This program is designed to give emergency personnel quick admission to the home when time matters the most.

Only Lakeway police officers, Lake Travis Fire Rescue firefighters, and Travis County EMS will have access to the codes.

For more details about the SafetyCode Program including how to sign up, please click HERE.